When used strategically, printed door hangers function as a powerful, and cost-effective marketing tool. From hotel rooms to apartment blocks, door hangers will be seen by loads of people – and when targeted to the correct audience, you are sure to make an impact.

Many businesses are looking to expand their brand awareness, but have small budgets to work with. Door hanger prints are not just a cost-effective choice, they promise you reach the right consumer in the right community.

How to Make Door Hanger Print Marketing Work

Step One: Determine your Goal

Door hanger marketing puts your message directly in front of your target market. It is not a subtle piece of marketing that can easily be ignored. Since this kind of marketing is immediately seen by your potential client, you need to make an immediate impact and get your message across quickly and effectively. They key? Having an eye-catching door hanger design, with a simple message.

You don’t need to place all your business information on this printed material, you just want it to let your customer know where they can find more information about your company. Understand what you want your call to action to be. Ask yourself what action you want your audience to take, whether this be getting them to your store, or visiting your website. Whatever your call to action, make it immediate and easy to understand.

Step Two: Create a Special Offer

One of the most important aspects of door hanger advertising success is to create a special offer that comes with a time limit. 40% of your campaigns success will be dependent on your special offer, so get it right and be strategic about it. Make your potential customer want to act on your special offer immediately!

So, how do you ensure your offer is worthwhile? Make sure you are giving your customer great value for money, leave room for profit (of course), and have a cut-off time for your promotion so that potential customers respond quickly.


Step Three: Copy is Key

Your copy or text needs to draw in your potential customer and have them look at your special offer. Your copy should create a need for your services and products, increasing your campaign response rate.

Create a bold headline that quickly reveals the special offer, and makes your audience want to know more.

An example would be: “Are you missing out on great grocery savings?”

Below this you can place some more easy to read, straight to the point content, that explains how this special offer will benefit your customer.

For example: List the products they can save on in bullet points and how much they will save.

Make sure the cut-off date for the promotion is visible. This will create a sense of urgency and drive your potential client to act immediately.

This is when your call to action comes in. Tell your customers exactly what to do next to claim this special offer. For example: download an app, visit a website, visit a store, or scan a QR code etc.


Step Four: Create an Eye-catching Design

Your door hanger needs to command attention and that is done through design, along with your headline of course. Yes, your door hanger is placed right in front of your customer, but you want them to interact with the material, and a bold design will ensure they take a look at your content.

A powerful design doesn’t simply grab attention, it needs to make a statement about your brand and your product/service. So, what should your door hanger design feature?

  • Attention grabbing, brand relevant colours
  • Visuals: photos/ illustrations/ icons that your audience will quickly identify with
  • Clean, easy to read typography you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with over the top font that is hard to read
  • Make your special offers stand out by bolding/ highlighting/ changing the colour of its text

Step 5: Be Targeted

About 40% of your campaign is dependent on your special offer, 30% is reliant on the quality of your audience targeting. Your distribution list needs to target specific neighbourhoods that are made up of people who match your customer demographics.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Geographic Location
  • Family Status
  • Buying Habits
  • Interests and Hobbies

Identify neighbourhoods that are made up of your target market. For example: if you are selling high-end business suits and related products, aim for golf estates, 5 start hotels, and exclusive club houses.

Step 6: Time to go to Print

If 40% of your campaign success is based on your special offer, and 30% is based on your target market, then the rest is based on your design, copy, and print quality. The printing of your door hangers should not be a side thought. The quality of your print plays a major role in how your brand is perceived by your audience. No one will take a flimsy, easily tattered print advertisement seriously.

So, what is the ideal printing for your door hangers?

  • Full colour
  • 2 sided
  • Quality paper stock for heavy weight and a professional feel
  • Consider custom die-cuts, perforated coupons, QR codes, and bright/shiny finishing.
  • Work with a professional print designer and printing company


If you are looking to be noticed, invest time in your marketing strategy. Combine strategic digital marketing with traditional marketing and your brand will become easily recognisable and trusted. It all comes down to targeting and creativity.

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Time to get branding!