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The Importance Corporate Stationery and Corporate Branding

Would you trust an unbranded or loosely branded business? The answer is probably a resounding no. When launching a business, many people forget or disregard the importance of well-designed signage, branded corporate stationery, and corporate visual identity. By creating a consistent brand, customised stationery, and easily identifiable signage, you are projecting a trustworthy and legitimate [...]

Colour Terminology in Graphic Design and Printing: Infographic

As a professional design and printing company, we understand the importance of colour in design. Making sure the colour from your screen is reproduced correctly when your design goes to print is key to a successful outcome. When it comes to colour in design, there is a variety of jargon terms that may throw you [...]

Awesome Print Advertising Tips: Printspiration

If you want to break through the marketing clutter, you need to strategise a clear, clever concept and get creative in your design. We are consistently exposed to marketing in our day to day lives, from social media sponsored adverts to billboards and brochures. Research suggests that we are, on average, exposed to 326 adverts [...]

The Brand Management Portal and How it Will Better your Branding

By having a consistent colour scheme, logo, and imagery in your business materials, you develop an instantly recognisable brand. This allows customers to easily identify your product or service in even the most over-saturated marketplace. Effective and consistent company branding, or brand management, enhances your image, and most importantly, resides in the mind's eye of [...]

The Importance of Brand Identity and Brand Management

It is important to understand exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to be perceived in business. Strategise and take deliberate action, always remembering that consistency is key. In the past, consumers only interacted with brands on two or three simple platforms. Today, the consumer interacts with brands on multiple and ever [...]

The Evolution of Computer-aided Design and CAD Printing

Computer-aided Design (CAD) refers to the use of computer systems in assistance of the creation, modification, and analysis of a design. CAD printing refers to the specialised printing process associated with CAD design. CAD is a combination of advanced software and hardware that allows architects and engineers to design everything from vehicles and aeroplanes to [...]

The History of the Photobook and Photobook Printing

We live in a digital world and it is almost as if nothing is tangible anymore. We cannot forget the value of touch and the influence it has on our spirits. We hide ourselves behind online communication, share thousands of images online and hardly stop to remember these documented moments. Look at your smart phone. [...]

The Importance of Visual Identity and Corporate Stationery

Have you ever had to drive aimlessly around an office park, hopelessly searching for a company that has no noticeable signage? Have you finally found the office, and been greeted with white walls, dull blinds, and messy cubicles? Would you honestly trust an unbranded company? Probably not. When you step into an office you expect [...]

5 Basic Logo Design Types: Graphic Design and Branding Tips

Launching a new business and beginning the branding process? Or looking to re-design your current logo? Don't know where to start? Logo design can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. Why not begin by deciding on what type of logo style you want for your business? Sometimes the best way to take on [...]

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