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Creating a Strong Corporate Identity: Corporate Branding Tips

Defining design is difficult. One of the greatest explanations we could find is, "Good art is a talent. Good design is a skill." While art sends a different message to everyone, design sends the same message to everyone. When it comes to your corporate branding, design is not just aesthetically pleasing visuals, there needs to [...]

Colour Marketing and your Brand: Printing Company Tips

As a leading printing company, we know about the importance of colour. The psychology of colour is an intriguing journey and one that is constantly evolving. We have come to understand the importance of colour in advertising and branding. Your brand colours need to be well thought out and reflect the look and feel [...]

The world’s most recognisable logos: Printing Company Printspiration

As a professional branding and printing company, we know that your logo is the face of your business. It should encompass every element of your brand identity and express your corporate personality. Every aspect of your logo needs to be taken into account, from colour and font to size and slogan. Your logo appears on [...]

10 Modern Creative Film Posters: Printspiration

What does it take to design an imaginative and successful poster print? Let’s take a look at some great examples of creative poster design, from horror films to western inspired imagery, these are truly printspiring! Ant Man Marvel films are renowned for their character based movie posters. But this Ant Man poster deviates monumentally from [...]

Branded Wallpaper and Branded Building Wraps for your Business

There are a multitude of options when it comes to marketing your business through print. From billboards and posters to vehicle wraps, the options are endless. Today, we take a closer look at the powerful benefits of branded building wraps. What are Branded Building Wraps? Building wraps are supersized outdoor banners designed for maximum impact. [...]

5 Creative Annual Report Designs: Printing Company Printspiration

Your annual reports don't need to be a boring document! From innovative printing company technology to creative infographics and colourful design, annual reports no longer need to be dull documents. Take a look at these creative annual reports... it is time to printspired! Clear Media Designed by Phoenix Communications, the report was themed "Our Space, Your [...]

5 ways to use images more creatively in magazine print design

Editorial and magazine design is a very visual medium. Images can vary from publication to publication, some focusing more on photography, while others focus primarily on infographics and illustrations. Great magazines make use of visuals in an attention-grabbing, strategic way. Their images are used to tell a story, grab attention, and create a particular pace [...]

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