Colour Marketing and your Brand: Printing Company Tips

As a leading printing company, we know about the importance of colour. The psychology of colour is an intriguing journey and one that is constantly evolving. We have come to understand the importance of colour in advertising and branding. Your brand colours need to be well thought out and reflect the look and feel [...]

Print Campaign Design: Printing Company Tips

Before you implement your print campaign, whether you are creating brochures or lining the highway with billboards, you need to create an effective design. A design that distinguishes you from your competition and attracts the attention of potential clients. Printing Company Tips Take a look at these tips from the Jetline printing company professionals to [...]

Traditional Banners vs. Digital Banners: Banner Printing News

While traditional banners have been around for centuries, it is actually hard to believe that digital banners have only been a part of our lives for 20 years or so. But which form of advertising is more effective? Because digital banners are online, it is safe to assume they reach more people. But do these [...]

The world’s most recognisable logos: Printing Company Printspiration

As a professional branding and printing company, we know that your logo is the face of your business. It should encompass every element of your brand identity and express your corporate personality. Every aspect of your logo needs to be taken into account, from colour and font to size and slogan. Your logo appears on [...]

Make your Brochure Design Standout: Brochure Printing

As brochure printing evolves and becomes more creative and technologically advanced, marketers need to think outside of the box. They need to craft innovative brochures to effectively showcase their brand. Brochures are usually 20 pages long, designed with an eye-catching cover and brand related imagery. This style can become boring, but there are ways to [...]

10 Modern Creative Film Posters: Printspiration

What does it take to design an imaginative and successful poster print? Let’s take a look at some great examples of creative poster design, from horror films to western inspired imagery, these are truly printspiring! Ant Man Marvel films are renowned for their character based movie posters. But this Ant Man poster deviates monumentally from [...]

The Integration of Print Marketing and Digital Marketing

For many companies there seems to be a great divide between their offline and online marketing. These departmental "silos" exist only within marketing departments and certainly don't exist within the mind of the consumer. Your client does not perceive the separation, and perceives the business as one brand in and of itself. By having a [...]

Celebrating the Power of Print and the Advancement of Printing Companies

Civilisation today would be monumentally different without the advent of print. The printing press was a ground-breaking innovation, becoming the driving force for social change and free thinking - much like the internet today. Johann Gutenberg, the Printing Press and Printing Companies In the 1400s Johann Gutenberg, a German entrepreneur took it upon himself to [...]

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