Variable Data Printing: Personalise your Marketing

Direct mail is a tried, tested and proven marketing tactic. 82% of direct mail is read for one minute or more while only 15 seconds is spent looking at online adverts or emails. Now, thanks to technological advancements in digital and print, we are able to send out personalised mail, speaking directly to your specific [...]

Conceptualising your Brand Identity: Branding Company Tips

As a professional printing and branding company, we know that the right branding is vital for a successful business. Simply a logo design that doesn't represent a brands message can be the sole destroyer of an otherwise good business. The worlds best brands showcase their business message in a variety of strategic ways, either subtly [...]

The Importance of Brand Management and Brand Management Solutions

Brand management refers to the designing and maintaining of a brand image. This comes down to defining and positioning a brand, and delivering the brand value consistently. By managing the look and feel of your brand and branding solutions effectively, you are differentiating your brand from your competitors. With a streamlined brand message, you project [...]

Branded Wallpaper and Branded Building Wraps for your Business

There are a multitude of options when it comes to marketing your business through print. From billboards and posters to vehicle wraps, the options are endless. Today, we take a closer look at the powerful benefits of branded building wraps. What are Branded Building Wraps? Building wraps are supersized outdoor banners designed for maximum impact. [...]

Storytelling to Strengthen your Brand: Brand Management

The industry buzzword making the rounds is "storytelling." And this is not just a passing fad. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to give your branding and brand management life. It has become one of the primary components for content marketing. Since childhood we have been captivated by stories, from the fairy tales [...]

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