5 reasons why corporate branding is critical for business success

There are businesses we can immediately identify without batting an eye, from Virgin and Coca-Cola to Nike and McDonald's. The reason we so easily recognise these organisations is because of their strong corporate branding. Company branding consists of a logo, slogan, colours and brand personality. This is why it is important that every business, regardless [...]

How to Successfully Brand your Start Up: Branding Services

Every business (no matter industry or size) requires a thorough brand strategy. The link between successful business and strong branding cannot be disputed. Through strategic branding and brand management solutions, and working alongside a professional branding services company, you define your business and speak to your target audience. Today, clients of every industry recognise when [...]

The Importance of Printing Photos in the Digital Age: Photobooks

We live in the digital age, and most people are inclined to archive their photos digitally. However, printing photographs and creatively storing them in gorgeous photobooks or on canvas, is a much more intimate way to hold on to your memories. Why it is important to print photobooks and photographs Curate a smaller, more meaningful [...]

How to build trust with consistent brand management: Branding Company Tips

As a professional printing, design and branding company, we know that the experience you create with your customers through every single interaction is the fundamental principle of marketing. You build customer loyalty by creating a compelling experience, one that is consistent in its message, design and branding. A colour scheme, logo and consistent imagery allows [...]

5 Creative Annual Report Designs: Printing Company Printspiration

Your annual reports don't need to be a boring document! From innovative printing company technology to creative infographics and colourful design, annual reports no longer need to be dull documents. Take a look at these creative annual reports... it is time to printspired! Clear Media Designed by Phoenix Communications, the report was themed "Our Space, Your [...]

The Importance of Professional Design and Printing Services for your Brand Equity

A well branded business can increase the value of a company, helping retain and gain customers. Essentially, a brand is the full perception of a business's customer service, advertising, reputation and logo. By investing in top-class digital marketing, design and print services, you have the tools to create what is known as "brand equity." This [...]

What is the Difference Between Litho Printing and Digital Printing?

In the printing industry, there are two common terms that we know well. That is: Litho Printing and Digital Printing. We want our clients to make the informed choice when it comes to their printing requirements. So for those who are not in the industry, it is important we define these technologies. Litho Printing Services [...]

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