5 ways to use images more creatively in magazine print design

Editorial and magazine design is a very visual medium. Images can vary from publication to publication, some focusing more on photography, while others focus primarily on infographics and illustrations. Great magazines make use of visuals in an attention-grabbing, strategic way. Their images are used to tell a story, grab attention, and create a particular pace [...]

Make your business stand out with eye-catching signage

When it comes to marketing solutions such as signage boards, chromadek, banners and lightboxes, we are the go-to experts. Eye-catching signage is important for any business. If you don't tell your target market who you are, and where you are, you are not going to get feet through the door. Effective signs tells the consumer [...]

The Digital Dark Age and your Photographs: PhotoBooks

The world we live in is digital, it is almost as if nothing is tangible anymore. We seem to have forgotten the value of touch. We bury ourselves in over-saturated online communities and share thousands of images online. But do we ever actually stop to remember those moments captured on camera, or do we mostly [...]

How to Create a Successful Billboard: Printing Company Tips

We live in the digital age and are inundated with online media and social networking. Some people believe that this new age media has trivialized traditional marketing. In some aspects the digital era has shifted marketing perspective but through-the-line marketing continues to thrive. Printing companies offer tangible, engaging marketing solutions that cannot be ignored, and [...]

Typography Terminology: Graphic Design and Brand Management

The font that you choose for your brand needs to be well thought out and implemented across all platforms to promote brand association and brand awareness. Much like your colour scheme, your typography must be consistent, establishing an easily identifiable brand identity. Then it comes down to brand management, and this is key. Before you [...]

Create the Perfect Letterhead Design for your Business

There is a difference between receiving business documentation on blank, standard paper and one with a well-branded letterhead design. The difference is professionalism. Your business documentation and business letters are not just a communication tool, they are a marketing opportunity. Your letterhead design is often the first interaction a potential client will have with your [...]

The Value of Comic Book Prints: Printspiration

Comic books are not just found crumpled in the bottom drawer of an awkward teenager's nightstand. In fact, if the comic books mentioned below are found in the drawer of a teenager's nightstand, that teenager will become incredibly wealthy. Comic books are an art form, a creative storytelling method that captures the imagination. These inspired [...]

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