Designing your Business: Brand, Identity, Logo & Brand Management

As a business owner, one of the most daunting projects you will take on is designing the logo for the business. Creating the ideal logo is not a simple process and certainly doesn't involve copying and pasting an illustration from word art - this is a mistake seen all too often these days! No matter [...]

Strategic Print Marketing to Grow your Online Store

Many believe that if a company exists solely online, that there is no need for traditional print marketing. This is a radical misconception and actually costs e-commerce companies new clients and greater exposure. Think about brick and mortar stores and their marketing options. Not only do they have digital platforms to leverage off, they can [...]

Top Tips for Designing a Successful Billboard: Print Marketing Trends

Side of the road billboards have been a successful form of marketing for well over a century. Even in today's digital world, billboard marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get your brand to the consumer. With millions of motorists on the road every day, billboards certainly have mass consumer reach. So, [...]

Tips for Designing a Brilliant Brochure: Brochure Printing News

A great brochure clearly and concisely outlines what your business provides and what you offer your target market. As a leading brochure printing company, we offer some tips to help you design a brilliant brochure for your business. Understand your Objective To ensure an effective brochure design, you need to fully understand the purpose of [...]

Creative Print Finishings: Printing Company Trends

Picking the right paper for your print project can be quite an overwhelming task. There are a variety of paper options available today from your printing company, but this choice is nothing compared to selecting the right decorative finishing for your design. Of course, you can simply choose to stick to basic CMYK and get [...]

Must See Billboard Design: Printspiration

Billboard advertising offers the opportunity to think out of the box, and this is what sets it apart as one of the most successful marketing platforms. Dominant and eye-catching, branding companies consistently get to expand their thinking when it comes to billboard design and billboard printing. This is the ideal platform to grab the attention [...]

Personalise your Print Marketing with Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is personalised print technology. VDP is a method of printing that makes use of advanced software to change the output of a digital printing press. This allows you to personalise each printed material with unique content. This innovation delivers a completely customised marketing experience. VDP is usually used for direct marketing [...]

The Psychology behind Typography: Graphic Design and Branding

We have written extensively about the psychology of colour when it comes to branding, print design, and marketing. However, many are unaware of the significant role typography plays in the branding process. Fonts have the ability to elicit emotions, associations and feelings. This is why choosing the correct typeface for your brand is essential. When [...]

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