The History of the Photobook and Photobook Printing

We live in a digital world, and it is almost as if nothing is tangible anymore. We cannot forget the value of touch and the influence it has on our spirits. We hide ourselves behind online communication, share thousands of images online, and hardly stop to remember these documented moments. Look at your smart phone. [...]

Why Corporate Branding is Key to Business Success

Corporate branding goes beyond a memorable logo. A successful brand increases your company's value, motivates employees, and helps in gaining new clients. So, how do you define a "brand?" A brand is the perception of your business. It is about customer service, reputation, advertising, and your logo. When these business elements work together consistently and [...]

The Anatomy of a Brochure: Printing Company Tips

As a professional brochure printing company, we know that when it comes to creating an eye-catching and effective brochure, you need to understand the ins and outs of this powerful marketing tool. Here, we take a look at every element of the brochure, giving you the chance to strategise your content and visuals, ensuring only [...]

Six things you probably don’t know about the Gutenberg Bible

In the late 1400's, German entrepreneur and inventor Johann Gutenberg created the "Movable Type Machine." The very first printed book was created using this ground-breaking contraption, and naturally the first book ever printed was the Bible. Johann Gutenberg Pope Pius II wrote a letter to the Cardinal Carvajal of Rome in which [...]

Why Variable Data Printing and Direct Mail are Valuable Marketing Tools

Today, we are inundated with various online marketing stimuli that compete for our attention. From sponsored Facebook ads and re-marketing campaigns, to spam-like emails. We are overwhelmed with information. Personalised direct mail breaks through this digital marketing noise and offers certain things that digital marketing cannot provide. Noticeable:The consumer is more likely to notice, open, [...]

10 Reasons Billboards are Marketing Brilliance: Billboard Printing

Billboard marketing gives brands the opportunity to think outside of the box. This is what sets this kind of outdoor advertising apart as one of the most successful marketing platforms of all time. Incredibly dominant, and strategic in their placement, billboards have the power to take a business to new heights. Here are just a [...]

The Birth of Branding and Brand Management as We Know it Today

Just 70+ years ago, all it took to be a successful business was to create a service or product of substantial quality. No one really needed to bother with branding and brand management. As long as you made sure your product was superior to the competition, you were well on the way to success. Flash [...]

The Print Marketing Arsenal: Business Card Printing to Poster Design

Business opportunities arise at the strangest times, and you always need to be prepared. You know that your website and work portfolio prove your legitimacy as a business, but you can't exactly expect people to download information and browse your site when networking and socialising. In these situations you are more than likely pressured for [...]

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