Create a Successful Brochure for your Startup

Realistically, when starting a business, time and money are limited. Brochure printing, flyer design, and print marketing are a proven, cost-effective way to promote your business and educate your target market about your offerings. Here are a few tips to assist you in the brochure design and brochure printing process: How to create an effective [...]

The Importance of Business Cards: Business Card Printing

Despite living in a digital age, the business card still remains one of the most essential elements of branding. Your business card is a reminder of your business and your brand. It introduces you to possible clients, and is the first phase of brand awareness. This is why business cards are an important tool in [...]

How to stay inspired when designing a logo

The perfect logo design doesn't just manifest out of nowhere. Graphic designers need to stay inspired when creating the perfect logo for a brand. So, where do you look for inspiration without having too many design ideas cluttering your creativity? Here are a few suggestions to help get your design inspiration flowing: Clear your mind [...]

Effective Print Marketing Tactics: Business Cards to Billboards

We live in a society dominated by the digital landscape. It is imperative that businesses focus on digital marketing - if a business isn't online, would you trust it? With this in mind, it is important to understand that the internet is over-saturated. We are inundated with banner ads and social targeting. So much so, [...]

Why Print Media Thrives in a Digital World

Society tends to have an innate affinity toward magazines, brochures, and newspapers. Printed content and print advertisements are perceived as credible, and this speaks to our need for tangible and tactile information, as opposed to the digital content we are inundated with daily. Below are a few reasons why print marketing continues to thrive in [...]

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