Tips for Designing an Event Brochure: Brochure Printing

It is important to provide event guests with informative and entertaining event brochures. Finding the balance between creative and informative content is imperative when it comes to this design. Give your event visitors something to talk about when they pick up your brochure! So, does your event require a brochure? The events that benefit the [...]

Print Marketing Strategy in a Multi-channel World

“When brands appeal to more than 3 senses, advertising effectiveness will increase by 70%” (Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense.) The most important aspect of print media is its "tangibility." Print marketing offers the consumer a sensory experience. The feel of the newspaper, the smell of dried ink, the turning of the pages... Print has the power [...]

8 Iconic Magazine Print Covers for your Printspiration

As a leading South African printing company, from magazine and book printing, to vehicle branding and billboard printing, we take a look at some of the most iconic magazine covers of all time. Time to be printspired! National Geographic (June 1985) Steve McCurry was the photographer behind this breath-taking photograph. The photograph, known as "Afghan [...]

The Importance of Brand Guidelines: Brand Management Solutions

We bet you have spent a lot of time crafting the perfect logo, message, marketing materials, and web presence for your business. You probably went back and forth with your graphic designer countless times to ensure the correct colour pallet, shape, and font for your logo design. Your probably spent hours working with a content [...]

How to Brand your Business Effectively with Print Marketing

Great company branding goes beyond a memorable logo and clever tagline. If your branding is implemented strategically, the value of your business will increase, you will provide employees with motivation and direction, and all of this makes attaining new customers that much easier. The goal of company branding is to make sure that your business [...]

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