5 Powerful Print Marketing Platforms: Printing Company News

Print marketing is a great way to showcase your brand and business offerings. We may live in the digital age, but print is still an incredibly influential marketing platform. Of course, digital marketing is an effective method of advertising, but it can't cover all bases. If you are meeting with a potential client, you need [...]

How to Create Brand Guidelines: Brand Management Tips

Once you have chosen your logo, brand colours, and preferred typography, it is time to create a streamline brand strategy and brand management solution. Once you have created your brand identity, you need to hand it over to your marketing team. This is why you need to put together a comprehensive and coherent set of [...]

5 Benefits of Print Marketing: Printing Company News

Advertising campaigns that contain both digital marketing and print marketing receive a 25% higher response rate than campaigns that only use digital marketing in their advertising efforts. Print just has certain qualities that the World Wide Web cannot provide. Below we look at 5 advantages of print marketing. Print is taken more seriously Being interviewed [...]

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