Mastering Colour for your Brand Identity: Brand Management News

When it comes to design and branding, colour is imperative. It has the power to express brand personality and evoke an emotional response in the audience. Essentially, colour is a universal language in graphic design. As a leading brand management solution provider, we take a look at the importance of colour in branding. Applying colour [...]

5 Creative Wedding Invitations for your Printspiration

Take a moment to consider how much work, from design to print, goes into creating a wedding invitation that expresses the personality of the couple getting hitched. You see, all wedding invitations carry a distinct, personal touch. The below wedding invitations have taken that personal touch to new, creative heights! Some of these out-of-the-box invitations [...]

Creative Ideas for your Business Card Design

Are you a creative business that prides itself on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking? This creativity should be expressed in all aspects of your marketing, particularly your business card design. Give your business card design the wow-factor: Below are some tips to help you with business card design inspiration. Illustration Illustrations can take a standard business [...]

Creating the Ultimate Flyer: Flyer Printing Trends

Whether your flyer printing is to promote a party or a new product, it needs to instantly grab attention. So, how do you stand out when it comes to your flyer design? Printing and artwork form the foundation of a successful flyer campaign. Flyer Printing and Flyer Design Inspiration Let's unpack 3 important elements of [...]

Consistency and Brand Management is Key in Competitive Marketing

Abrand is what people think about your business and the impression they have upon seeing or hearing your brand name. It takes time to build a great brand. Building a brand consists of smart strategy, implementation, consistency, and strict brand management. Coca-Cola: Brand Consistency and Brand Management Everyone knows Coca-Cola. We instantly recognise the logo, [...]

Combining Social Media and Direct Mail Marketing

When you think about social media, the last thing you associate it with is direct mail marketing. These two marketing tools seem to exist in two separate worlds. But when combined, they form a powerful marketing team. Social media marketing is the perfect platform to enhance a direct mail campaign, while direct mail campaigns can [...]

Stand Out with Smart Marketing: Branding and Printing Company Tips

Whether you are an accountant, social media manager, business manager or technician, one thing is certain - you have loads of competitors. Every business does. There are a multitude of businesses that offer similar services to you, so how do you take your business to the next level? How do you stand out in an [...]

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