Many businesses are looking for innovative marketing tactics to inform clients and potential clients about their products and services. The 21st Century is undoubtedly the age of the internet but marketers also recognise and appreciate print as the new non-traditional marketing platform.

Today’s consumer consistently and casually comes across a variety of marketing material, from digital banner ads to social media sponsored links. The amount of online information we are subjected to on a daily basis is immense.

It is no wonder we spend less than 30 seconds “digesting” this information. Because of this digital blindness, it has become vital that all businesses implement a multi-channel marketing approach. This is where direct mail marketing campaigns become important.

Direct Mail Marketing

A great marketing channel to work with is direct mail. Personalised post cards, brochures and newsletters were created by brands solely for the purpose of customer retention.

It has been proven that 64% of Business to Business marketers are creating original content to promote client loyalty and customer retention. It comes down to educating, informing and nurturing the customer after purchase – customer care is key!

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Post Cards, brochures and pamphlets are exceptionally valuable and proven marketing tools. These print marketing options are a popular method in the marketer’s arsenal because they are not only cost-effective, they reach the right audience and deliver results. To ensure a successful campaign, your direct mail needs to be strategic and creative.

Take a look at these 10 tips to guide you on a successful direct mail campaign:

Planning Makes Perfect

As with all elements of marketing, you need to plan ahead. Dissect and fully comprehend the message you want to get across, and understand your customer’s values. This kind of strategic thinking will add to the design and content elements of your direct mail campaign. By planning ahead and working alongside an experienced content writer, graphic designer and professional printing company, you are sure to deliver a successful print campaign. Don’t rush the result, take time to strategise – planning makes perfect.

Be on Time

Don’t just send your direct mail at any time. It is important to launch your campaign at a strategic time, whether seasonal, economical or sales related.

It is also important that your print is delivered on time. What’s the point of sending out a half price coupon if it is delivered after the customer can even make use of it? To ensure timely delivery, work with a professional printing company and delivery company.

Eye-catching Design

Design is definitely one of the most important elements of direct mail. Postcards, brochures, vouchers and pamphlets need to catch the reader’s attention.

Your design should include professional photographs, quality graphics and branded colours. The more attractive and well thought out the design, the more likely it is that the reader will look at it and retain the information provided.

Keep it Simple

Postcards and pamphlets can say a lot but don’t plaster too much information on them – you don’t want to scare your customer away. Keep your message simple, tell your story through easy to read copy and eye-catching imagery. Put together short and concise messages that convey the relevant information efficiently and effectively.

Catchy, Short Headlines

When it comes to any kind of content, the headline is the most important part. It needs to engage the reader and get them to read the rest of the information. Avoid long, drawn out headlines that are filled with too much information. Direct mail generates leads, it doesn’t necessarily convert sales, so you need to get the reader to want to know more through your content and investigate it further.


If you are sending out a postcard, make use of both sides of the paper. One side should have the important imagery, copy and message. The other side should be made up of your contact details and secondary information. Both sides need to be cohesive in design and tone, representing your brand in its entirety.

More than One Purpose

You can send postcards that deliver different messages. That is: you can send these separately and at different times, such as coupons, sales announcements, discounts and business news. However, you can also create a multi-purpose postcard or pamphlet provided this is executed strategically.

Only the Highest Quality

Design and copy aside, the material you use needs to be taken into consideration, and taken seriously. The paper should be of the highest quality. Going with a full colour print also promises the most attention and a UV coating protects the postcard through the delivery process while giving it a clean and shiny aesthetic.

Go Big or Go Home

Larger postcards also garner more attention. Choose a size that is taller than the average business envelope and wider than a greeting card – this makes the client curious about the content.

Larger canvas also provides more space for eye-catching imagery, graphics, photographs and copy.

Call to Action

A call to action is the most important part of direct mail. In fact, it is the most important part of every aspect of marketing. A call to action tells your customers what to do without seeming pushy: “Call us now!” “Come by While Stocks Last.” “Email us today!” By providing a CTA you are more likely to get feet through the door or convert leads into sales.


Jetline: Professional Printing Company South Africa

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